6 Tips for Refining Your Personal Brand


Congrats!! You’re finally your own #GirlBoss!! Unfortunately your hard work still isn’t attracting the clientele you deserve. Maybe it’s time to rethink your brand strategy for 2016. For start-ups and expanding businesses alike, personal branding elevates your ideas and may even attract investors that can take you to the next level.

These six tips for refining your personal brand will give any entrepreneur a renewed sense of purpose and confidence.

1.Find Your Focus
Sure, you may have dabbled in graphic design or taken a class on photography, but is that really your forte? Marketing yourself in too many areas can lead to compromised quality and dissatisfied customers. Stick with what you’re truly good at. Consider your areas of expertise, skills and passions. Have an honest discussion with yourself and choose your specialty. Consistently working on similar projects that you’re genuinely good at, will help improve your craft.

2. Master Your Message
Your reputation is in every item you create and every interaction you have with your clients. How do you want to be perceived as an entrepreneur? Examine buzzwords that your clients use to describe your services, as well as terms you aspire to embody. Use these as benchmarks for every project you undertake. Don’t be afraid to say no to opportunities that aren’t in alignment with your message.

3. Update Your Image
While the quality and look of your services or products should speak for themselves, you will always be face of your brand. Your appearance should reflect professionalism and command the respect of clients. Wear what makes you feel empowered. If your brand has specific colours, consider investing in a matching ensemble. Keep professional headshots on hand for features, especially if you’re a freelancer.

4. Share Your Content
Made an exceptional item? Post a good picture on Instagram. Clients raved about your service? Encourage them to share a review on your Facebook page. Seeing your skills in action are more powerful than simply talking about them. Be your own cheerleader and don’t forget to include your contact information. If you have blog or website, regularly sharing curated content from industry colleagues could open doors for networking and priceless collaborations.

5. Be Consistent
Attracting clients requires a great product; keeping them requires consistency. Add to your credibility by maintaining the quality of your services. Stick to a posting schedule if you operate a website so that clients or readers know when to expect new content. Also be sure to use the same handles, logos and images across all your online platforms so that clients can easily find and identify you.

6. Be Open to Feedback
In times of stagnation, do some market research with the voices that matter most: your clients. Ask them about your strengths and weaknesses. For balance, reach out to your mentors in the industry and listen to their constructive critiques. This winning combination will help make your career goals a reality.



Suzette Bonas is a freelance journalist, content creator and communication enthusiat with a passion for food, style and events. She has written for several publications and websites both in the region and internationally. She splits her time between her sunny twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica, as she continues to elevate Caribbean lifestyle one word at a time. 


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