Behind The Scenes Interviews with the women of Coffee & Cheesecake’s Business Directory


This past week I had the pleasure of participating in a photoshoot for Coffee & Cheesecakes’s upcoming Directory Launch. If you recall, last month I mentioned that Coffee & Cheesecake would be launching their first ever all female business directory in 2015. Through my brand Island Muse, I am proud to be apart of this  talented and successful group of Toronto business women. This directory boasts approximately 60+ upcoming and well established female entrepreneurs based in Toronto. Included is this group, are a diverse and dynamic bunch of women of all different fields- from catering, fashion, beauty, photography, travel, finance you name it and this directory has it.

Created by Coffee & Cheesecake founder Paula Paterson, the directory is set for a summer launch date. Paula and I have often spoke about what the launch of this directory will mean to the women who are apart of it and I can personally attest that she has put everything into making this brand and its participating women a huge success. Over the next few months these women will have the opportunity to network and promote their businesses, as well as make appearances on a few major Canadian media platforms. I had the opportunity to speak to a few leading ladies on hand for this eventful day and here’s what they had to say about C&C’s upcoming Directory Launch;

Shabira Wahab owner and founder of Twisted Sweets

“I’m excited to be able to get my business out there and meet other women who are business minded like myself. I’m also ready to network and interact with other women who are running their businesses and seeking growth. Eventually I do hope to create a platform that supports women, so for me this is the perfect start.”

Shauna Clarke owner and founder of Fabulash Beauty Bar-Eyelash Extensions

“As a group there is such a union between all of us, almost like a sisterhood. We are now beginning to interact with each other more. We are no longer strangers, instead faces are becoming more familiar and we are getting the chance to put a face to some of the brands that Paula has been promoting over the past few months. We are cross merging businesses and promoting each other as well. I love that we are all leveraging each others talents and skills to propel ourselves to the next level. I absolutely love this group of women.”

Melissa Hadaway  owner and founder of Décor Girl

“I appreciate that we have women from different fields, so if I’m looking for someone to collaborate with on one of my wedding projects, I can easily find a travel agent, hair stylist or make up artist. There are so many strong, supportive and entrepreneurial women in this group and we are all driven by the same common goal which is to produce our best work and grow our businesses.”

Shalinie Strands of Sassy Strands

“When I met Paula she had such a great vibe so I knew I wanted to work with her. I especially like the fact that she ensures that we support each other. At the moment I’m really focused on growing my business and being apart of this directory is not only comforting but a necessary step. This is an amazing group of women, everyone is extremely supportive so it makes the entrepreneurial journey a whole lot easier.”

Athea owner and founder of DreamCoils Henna and Glitter Body Arts

“Today’s photoshoot is very empowering, I’m getting so many ideas on how to network with people. The photoshoot is very professionally done, which is great because to be honest I’ve never had professional photos taken before, so this is a first. 2015 represents a lot of firsts for me, I launched my business this past January, I’ve started networking and now I’m apart of this amazing group of women.”

Andria Thompson founder of UR Woman

“I’m hoping to be able to help build not only the Coffee and Cheesecake brand but to help build and empower women across the GTA and beyond. Using the skills that I’ve been given as a confident black woman, I hope to be an example to other women, especially the younger generation, so they will want to exude positivity and most importantly support each other.’

So what’s next for C&C’s girls? Directory launch, tons of promotion and growth and an all white gala in November to celebrate our achievements.

Island Muse wants to send huge thank you to Tanya Dennis, our lovely photographer for the day and Sashshel Williams for thier vision and artistic direction. Can’t wait to see these beautiful images.

‘If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together.’-African Proverb

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