Celia Smith’s: Needle + Thraed

So if you know me well, you know I love décor and interior design. When I stumbled across Celia Smith’s Needle + Thraed, I instantly fell in love.

Needle + Thraed is what you get when a fashion editor with over eight years of industry experience, with industry greats like Essence and Vogue, starts craving philanthropy and seeks to go deeper than the surface of what style is.


I would describe Needle + Thraed as a fusion between modern décor and indigenous aesthetics. Smith seeks to address the disconnect between beautiful things and the hard-laboring people who create them. With ethical fashion and fair trade as a driver, Celia works in partnership with the Bebe Ravi cooperative in Nakuru to employ women in a Kenyan Maasai tribe to create beautifully crafted items for leading fashion and home brands.




Photos courtesy of Needle + Thraed

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