My Island Muse: Erica Meus Sanders

Tell us about yourself and the journey that led to the creation of Nu Woman Magazine. 
The idea for Nu Woman came to me in my early thirties. After mulling over the idea, I finally decided to ‘test the waters’.  At the time, I had little experience in layout and design (I was a journalism student for a short while so I picked up a little along the way) so I  bought a design program and taught myself the basics. In the beginning it was myself, another writer and a photographer. I must admit “Editor-in-Chief” was not my childhood dream, however the title grew on me.

Of late, there is an increasing number of publications on the market geared towards the “Caribbean woman”. In your opinion, what is fuelling this niche?
I believe that the Caribbean woman of today is more comfortable in her own skin, and more willing to discuss issues and express herself. Hence the push for new publications that cater to this group.

Established in 2007, Nu Woman has been blessed with longevity. What’s your secret to success and what do you believe sets Nu Woman apart from her peers?
The fact that Nu Woman has been in circulation for such a long period means we must be doing something right! What sets us apart? I try to stay ‘true’ to the issues, and I work to find stories that are unique, original and highlight the positive. With interviews for example, I always attempt to add my own personal touch … even if it’s an interview via email, I usually follow-up with a phone call. Authenticity is what sets us apart.

Most memorable moment on this journey thus far:
There have been many memorable memories. I don’t think  I can choose just one, as there’s been a few:
1.Meeting Donald Trump at the 2009 Miss Universe held here in the Bahamas and being the first person to approach him for an interview.
2. Sitting in on a personal conversation with Sir Sidney Poitier last year.
3. Celebrating Nu Woman’s fifth anniversary with three covers and a gala event.

Erica Meus Saunders Editor in Chief of Nu Woman Magazine (left) and Bahamian vlogger TAP

Biggest misconception about yourself:
I believe that many see me as “too serious”, when in fact I’m fun loving and very adventurous.

What’s next for Nu Woman Magazine?
Increasingly, I feel the need to branch out into a series of short episodes celebrating people and events around the Caribbean. Most importantly, it will be a platform that celebrates people of Caribbean descent. Nu Woman TV, will be the next big focus on our agenda.

If you had one message to share with Bahamian women on career, relationships and wellness, what would it be?
It’s important to be able to ‘fend for yourselves’ in business, but it’s also important to develop strong bonds and relationships along the way. At the end of the day, it’s about the lives we touched through our accomplishments, and not necessarily the accomplishment itself.

Favourite Bahamian saying:
“Thing in the bush ain’t gat no name.”

Favourite hideout in the Bahamas and why?
It would either be Harbour Island or Andros. Why? Because it’s the only time I can forget about my responsibilities and just BE.