Gifting with a Purpose: Jacmel & Co.

With the holiday season in full swing, many of us are on the hunt for one of a kind pieces. Jacmel & Co’s handbags promise just that. Question: Would you buy a bag made of real fruit? Me: Hell Yeah!!

Jacmel & Co combines two of my favourite things: fashion and philanthropy. Founded in 2013 by Lucie Cincinatis, the bags are handmade by Haiti’s local women artisans using crops indigenous to the island, like kenep and calabash, hence the unique fruity shape. Jacmel & Co’s mission is to “create jobs, empower local artisans and foster sustainable living”. These are initiatives I can wholeheartedly support as a consumer.

Very happy I stumbled across this indie label with a social conscience.  Somehow these beautifully crafted  bags feel just right for Summer 2015.

Shop the entire collection at Jacmel & Co.. Prices range from $115-$165.

All images courtesy of Jacmel & Co

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