My Island Muse: Jamie Alleyne-Morris

Who is Jamie aka Jay Blessed?
I am an award-winning Caribbean blogger of 3 years, however, I have been in the Caribbean-American entertainment industry since 2005. Aside from being a writer and a media personality, I am also a sought-after digital marketer and social media strategist.

What makes you a proud Trinidadian?
The diversity of my country, the pride of my people, the power of our history and the legacy of our culture makes me proud. We have come a long way and have so much further to go.

One thing you wish all Trinidadian women knew:
Despite our differences, we have so much more in common. I wish they knew we are all sisters, not competitors.


Favourite Trinidadian saying:
“Do so doh like so!”

Favourite place to visit in Trinidad and why?
My village of Laventille Road, San Juan, I could have picked somewhere more popular, but this is my hood. It is picturesque, gritty, real and beautiful in its own way. The most talented people come from the ghetto.

I personally believe ones cultural heritage impacts their outlook on life,  how has your heritage as a Trinidadian woman impacted your success and views on life?
The Caribbean woman has a distinct flair, unspoken essence and seductive accent, coupled with an aura of island regalness that you can’t miss or deny. I come from a lineage of outspoken, sassy, hardworking, nurturing, fashionable and prayed-up women. Those along with other inherited qualities, matched with living a real island life, have all shaped me into the entrepreneur I have become.

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