My Island Muse: Mercedes Diana Boodoo

Who is Mercedes Diana Boodoo?
I’m 30 years old, the eldest of four siblings, and engaged to my best friend Dale Ramtahal. I was born and raised in South Trinidad but recently relocated to the Central region of Chaguanas to facilitate my growing business needs. I am the Founder, Managing Director, Editor-In-Chief and Creative Director of Caribbean RUNWAY Magazine which launched in January 2014. I have an MBA and BSc (hons) in Management Studies and Sociology (Double Majors). My love for fashion and beauty began at an early age watching my mom and grand mom sew and design clothes. At the age of five, I would conceptualize an outfit and sit with my mom until she finished it. I even created variations of my outfit for my younger sisters.

I entered the fashion and beauty world as a hair model for American company ‘Bumble and Bumble”.  After that experience, I fell in love with the business. I admit the craft chose me, I did not choose it but I am eternally grateful it did. Through Caribbean RUNWAY Magazine I’ve found a way to merge both my passions. My biggest dream is to be an inspiration to others, an advocate for positive change and to see the fruits of my labour blossom. I’ve always been one to create ideas. With that comes the desire to see ideas come to life and being courageous enough to take risks!

What makes you a proud Trinidadian?
My accent makes me a proud Trinidadian. When I travel, people are always smitten by my accent. I must admit it makes me blush no matter how many compliments I receive.

One thing you wish all Trinidadian women knew;
My advice would be, never give up and that everything requires sacrifice. One thing you must know, in order to achieve your goals in life you have to stand strong, believe in yourself and when you make a decision never look back. Within recent years, I have learnt that there are many roads to achieving your goal. When one path looks grim, have no fear many more opportunities will present themselves.

Favourite Trinidadian saying?
“Gopaul luck eh Seepaul luck” meaning everyone has different destines.

Favourite place to visit in Trinidad and why?
My favourite place to visit would have to be the capital (Port-of-Spain) in the night time. The vibrancy, lights and liming (partying) reminds me of New York City which gives me life. There is a strong sense of camaraderie that exists when you step out in Port-of-Spain at night.

How has your heritage as a Trinidadian woman impacted your success and outlook on life?
Being an Indo-Trinidadian woman it has taught me that education is the number one priority and a stepping stone for the future. Hard work and discipline coupled with education will bring about success. Lastly, being diligent with money and savings is a must to achieve bigger goals in life because nothing can happen without making a sacrifices.

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