Must-Have Carnival Beauty Accessories

With your costume in hand and your bacchanal body ready, you need one more thing for ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’: your Carnival beat.  Makeup alone is great for a fete, but a masterpiece of feathers and sequins requires an extra oomph. These must-have beauty accessories will have you feeling like a goddess on the road.

Flash Tattoos

This appliqué body bling phenomenon has been spotted everywhere from the runway to the bodies of celebs like Beyoncé. A chic step up from body paint, flash tattoos can accentuate every body part.  Most popular in tribal and geometric designs, gold and silver flash tattoos will compliment your Carnival Tuesday tan.


Queen Bey rocking the flash tatts


In every shape, size and colour, rhinestones are a classic choice for makeup artistes and masqueraders alike for a completed Carnival beat.  Adhere with spirit gum from a craft store to create a free-hand design or intricate faux head-piece that will withstand every jump, wave and wine.


2016 Carnival Beat by Trinidadian makeup artist Kirk Thomas


Often worn on special occasions by South Asian women, bindis have recently made their way onto the Carnival scene. Pick them up at any Indian wear boutique and place them right between the eyebrows as the crowning jewel to complete your look.


Model wears a bindi for Neil Young & Co Monday Wear 2016


Get close-up ready with fluttery lashes that flatter any makeup look.  Lash extensions are a great last minute splurge for a glamorous look that will last well beyond the festivities. For a cheaper alternative, pick up a pair of falsies at your local beauty supply store.


Complete your look with a striking pair of lashes

Shimmer Pigment

Bronzer move over; there’s a new sparkle in town. While highlighters are all the rage currently, this new favourite amongst masqueraders will have your body lit too. Generously apply this finely milled loose pigment on all areas (that light naturally hits) for a luxurious, show-stopping glow that will steal the spotlight in every photo.


Model is wearing shimmer pigment in shade “truffle/cocoa” by Carnivalista

Suzette, xoxo

Photos Courtesy of: Carnivalista, Dion Samuel Makeup, Kirk Thomas Makeup Artistry



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