My Island Muse: Paula Williams

Tell me about yourself and your brand Coffee & Cheesecake.
The creation of Coffee & Cheesecake has been quite the journey! It keeps me very busy and fuels my passion of empowering women. I’ve always had the desire to uplift women, as I feel so many women have the potential to excel, however they lack confidence or don’t have the encouragement of others. Coffee & Cheesecake represents THE EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN and aims to target areas   that affect a woman’s progression towards success and confidence. “Stop The Girl Hate is my pet project as I believe there are many factors (self-doubt, insecurity) that affect how women relate to each other. At Coffee & Cheesecake we want women to not only look good, but feel good and have positive relationships with each other. Networking is a strategic way to bring women together, to inspire, motivate and encourage each other both personally and professionally.

How did you decide on the name Coffee & Cheesecake?
Coffee and cheesecake are my two favorite things.

Why is the promotion of healthy relationships and unity amongst women so important to you?
Wellness amongst women is very important to me because drama, jealousy and insecurities lead to division and negativity which hinders the progress of women.

In what seems like a short space of time, you’ve created a brand that is well connected with women entrepreneurs in Toronto and arguably across Canada. How have you been able to achieve this and what advice can you offer women who are looking to make connections and grow their brand?
The women I connect with are actively pursuing success and growth just like myself.  I also provide these women opportunities to participate in Coffee and Cheesecake’s events and projects. My advice to other women looking to expand their brand, is to surround themselves with women who are professional and about progress. It’s also important to think outside the box and never limit yourself.

Born in London, England, you are the child of a Jamaican father and Dominican mother. How has your West Indian heritage impacted your success/outlook on life?
Being the child of West Indian parents has taught me the value of hard work to better one’s self. West Indian parents always want to see their children excel. Both my parents worked very hard when they relocated to Canada and two of my grandparents were business owners in the Caribbean. Our culture teaches us that nothing comes easy, hard work is the path to success.

Women of the Red Carpet Networking Event July 2014

Favourite Dominican or Jamaican saying: 
Dominican saying:”ti fi bèl” (pronounced tee-fi bel) meaning beautiful girl
Jamaican saying:  Every ting criss”  meaning everything’s cool

You are quite busy! Tell me about some of the exciting events/projects you have coming up?
Our next big project is the development of a Woman’s Directory promoting Canadian female entrepreneurs. This should be launched in April 2015. We’re also launching our beauty product Sugar Cookie Scrub and we have plans to expand our skin care line. With my products, I want women to feel sexy and smell sweet.

Women of the Red Carpet Networking Event July 2014

I admire the relationship you have with your daughter Sashshel Williams, founder of online store Scylab Boutique. Naturally, you guys often collaborate and support each others endeavours. What advice can you offer to other mother-daughter teams?
The best advice to mother and daughter teams is to support each other and keep business and personal relationships separate.

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