My Island Muse: Sashshel Williams

Tell us about your company Scylab Boutique and the journey that led to its creation.
I launched Scylab (pronounced “see-lah-bee“) in 2011 as an online clothing and accessories boutique. While I love fashion, jewellery and accessories have always been my number one passion. In May 2014, I made the decision to re-launch Scylab strictly as an accessories boutique. To me, accessories are an integral part of every look, as the right accessories always add that final touch. Luckily for me, the women in my life (my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother) are all very stylish women. On the journey leading up to the launch of my business, they have been a great source of inspiration.

“Scylab”  is such a unique and beautiful name for your boutique. You proudly state that the company is named after your great-grandmother. Tell us about her and the impact she had on your life and business.
Growing up I was fortunate enough to spend  a lot of time with my Dominican  great-grand mother (I’m half Jamaican and Dominican). While my grandmother and parents worked, she would often take care of my brother and I. She was a strong woman who was very passionate about life. I’m very much like her in those aspects. My great-grandmother also had a great sense of style, taking great care and pride in the way she put herself together. When I decided to launch an online boutique there was no doubt in my mind that it would be named after her.

Besides fashion and accessories what else are you passionate about?
I have a strong interest in marketing, hence why I’m currently pursuing a marketing degree. Learning about new ways to market products in 2014, as well as studying people and their buying behaviours really peaks my interest. Overall, knowledge is major passion of mines. Styling is also another hobby/passion and I’m currently working on the launch of my styling blog, so look out for that.

What are some Fall 2014 accessories trends?
Colour!! This fall, don’t be afraid to rock some colour. Usually for fall, accessories tend to be quite toned down, but this year I really encourage people to lively up their wardrobes with a splash of colour. Another trend to watch are flowers and big chunky neck pieces. Chains, lucite and gold are also on the trends list for Fall 2014.

What has been your biggest challenge since launching Scylab Boutique?
Finding balance has been a major challenge. Juggling work, school, a growing business plus finding “me time” has left me feeling overwhelmed some days but overall I still cherish these times because I’m actively pursuing my goals and dreams.

What is your favourite place to visit in Dominica?
My great grand mother’s house. When I’m there I can feel her presence and I have so many fond memories attached to that house. She lived in Town, so  there was always excitement in the air, you could always see and hear everything. I just love sitting on that balcony.

Your advice to women:
Women should support women. Let’s focus on coming together and leveraging each other’s talents. As female entrepreneurs, we each bring so much to the table. We need to inspire, support and most importantly share knowledge.

How has your West Indian background influenced your success and outlook on life?
It has definitely had an impact. Growing up in a Caribbean household, you are raised differently. You are expected to strive for excellence and to be focused. My parents are both extremely determined with an incredible work ethic. This work ethic has  definitely been passed on to both my brother and I. In terms of my business, some of the pieces you will find on the site are full of  colour, boldness and a vibe that is simply Caribbean.

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