My Island Muse: Sheena Rose

Who is Sheena Rose?
Well lots of people say I’m a bubbly and active artist. I always appear happy, but honestly I am very emotional. I guess that’s the artistic side of me. I’m always thinking; what is the next art piece? How can I improve? How can I portray what I’m seeing or feeling? I love to showcase my Caribbean heritage in my art and portray different spaces I’ve encountered. Of course I enjoy shopping and that has inspired a lot of my work. Shopping and overheard conversations spark new ideas. My plan for the future is to be showcased internationally, hopefully have a gallery representative and teach at the University level or an Art School.

What makes you a proud Bajan?
I love our accents and how we interact with each other, even when dealing with a complete stranger. Every time I travel the island, I smile because I’m proud to be an island girl.

One thing you wish all Bajan women knew:
Keep working towards your dreams. Actually, I would advise both men and women to pursue their dreams, explore new ideas and keep working on your art, that is the key to success.

Favourite Bajan saying?
Hmmm my favourite Bajan saying… I appreciate the random conversations I overhear like, got to air my cat or her camel toe printing out. Random sayings in our accent that are so uniquely Bajan.

Favourite place to visit in Barbados and why?
I love the beach! It reminds me that I am home and brings me immense joy.

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IG: @sroseart