Tender Love and Care for your Kini’s


Finding the perfect bikini is hard enough, so when you do fall in love with the perfect pair, it’s important to take care of it so it lasts longer. Here are 3 simple tips to ensure the length of your Winifred Taylor kini or any swimsuit 😉

Tip 1 Rinse:
After a day of frolicking, be sure to rinse your suit in cold water to remove sand and sunscreen residue. Additionally, gently hand wash in mild soap as regular detergent is too harsh.  When you have a vibrant Trifecta suit, you want that colour to POP, forever!


Tip 2 Lay Flat:
NEVER tumble dry your swimsuit, the heat is no good for the fibers and elastic in your suit. Don’t wring it out either! Remove excess water by rolling up your suit in a towel (we suggest Talii Towels), then lay the suit flat, away from direct sunlight. Ensure the suit is completely dry before storing it away.


Tip 3 Put it in Rotation:
Most suits are made of stretch fabrics. Although these fabrics do snap back, repeated wear with no rest will leave these fabrics stretched out. If you’re looking to add more suits to your summer rotation, head on over to our shop to browse the latest. Plus, every #islandmuse needs more than one.

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